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On Speakers and Speaking

I started giving talks in various user groups and regional conferences last year, I felt I had something to say, and I got a chance do to it.

<sarcasm>now that makes me an expert!!!111</sarcasm>

Sublime Text Psql Build System

Today I got to work with Amazon Redshift. First thing I did was go through their docs on how to connect to the server.

I tried Workbench/J and it works, it is ugly as hell, and requires Java (not a big problem, but I’d avoid it if I can). Then I went to the psql and tried it, but damn, that syntax is long before I got to the good part.

Adding Mockery to Symfony 2.3

Mockery is an essential part of my toolset. You can get more information about mockery from the repo itself, or from nettuts+.

My current project in Symfony framework, 2.3 LTS, and I need to use mockery to make my life a whole lot easier.

Building a Menu in Symfony With Events and Ordering

Menus are simple things, you have a root element, it has children, their children have children, and so on. All nice, clean and simple and utterly dull.

Add Knp Menu and bundle to the composer file, run update, go through the docs and set it up, and be on your way.

But what happens if you need to construct a menu from different bundles and you have no idea how many items there are and their order.

Symfony 2.3 Erroring Out With Xdebug

When working with Symfony 2.3 there is a chance that xdebug will start erroring out with “Maximum function nesting level of ‘100’ reached, aborting!” pretty quick.

Targeting MongoDB Driver Version With Puppet

As mentioned here for our current project we are using Vagrant and Puppet. In the link above I described how I solved the pear packages installation under Puppet.

We are using Symfony 2.0.15 with MongoDB, I need to use version 1.2.9 to avoid the whole setSlaveOK hubbub as described here.