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Jan 18, 2011 - 1 minute read - Plugin Silverlight

Seesmic Desktop 2 Filter Plugin

If you are like me, you use twitter a lot, and one of the most annoying things about most of the desktop clients is the lack of filtering out the noise from useful tweets.

My preferred client at this time is Seesmic Desktop 2, apart from being very resource friendly on Windows, it also has a nice SDK for plugins.

So one day I was fed up with the noise in my stream, and here is the result.


Download the plugin (link at the bottom), copy it over to your seesmic plugin folder (on Windows it is in Document folder\Seesmic\Seesmic Desktop 2\Plugins) and restart the SD2.

Open the settings, go to plugins, click the settings of the Filter Plugin, and enter keywords to filter (separated by comma), save, restart the SD2 and you are done.

No more noise in your stream.

Download link or go to marketplace