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Sep 15, 2013 - 2 minute read - conferences speaking vagrant puppet

How was your weekend?

This weekend was kind of special. Both Robert Basic and myself attended the Zagreb PHP user group mini conference, and while this is not the first conference I attended, this was the first one that I did a tech talk on about Vagrant & Puppet(slides are in Serbian).

I will not try to recount the events, suffice to say that it was great and that if you are in the neighbourhood when the next one is organized (either Zagreb PHP user group or Webcamp Zagreb) you should really go. Special shoutout goes to Maja Bilic for her “(Mis)adventures of Women in tech” talk, if you have a chance, listen to her experiences, some eye-opening might occur.

I can’t give enough praise to the trio responsible for it Miro Svrtan, Luka Muzinic and Ivan Habunek. They did an awesome job, and thank you for giving me the chance to do my first talk.

While I do feel that my talk was ok, there is room for improvement. My mistake was not tuning out before my talk (ha ha n00b) and coming through as grumpier than I should have.

As I do intend to try and continue with talk(s) (if I figure out more subjects I am comfortable with sharing), I hope to improve my delivery.

As Miro Svrtan pointed out to me repeatedly, if you want to grow as a developer and/or person, find something you are passionate about, make a few slides, and do a talk, who knows, you might actually like it.

So… How was your weekend?